We are back!

It was a little more than a month ago that I decided that I needed to take it down and revamp it.

the page wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I created CCAOT

so that the Cosplay Comunity that I love,both Cosplayers and photographers could have their

own blog outside of Facebook and other social media. This is my goal for this site.

What i want the page to do.

  • Give Cosplayers/Photographers their own space.
  • Create a community where people can connect and share ideas.
  • Promote their work and events they love.


One of the features I have is called domain mapping,it lets you mask your page here and display as if it was www.example.com instead of http://example.ccaot.com

display as if it was www.example.com instead of http://example.ccaot.com

I will be adding more features and plugins to help the community grow and expand as we go on.

Not only will I be adding themes for people to choose and use but I will also install Plugins that everyone can use.

So far I have kept it to the basics but as we grow I’ll more as we need them and as people suggest them(not all suggestion will be followed)


I am also looking for people who want to add content to the main page.

Doesn’t have to be weekly but that would be nice!


Thank you for coming here and joining the fun.


Aaron Winchester.


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